Berard 3-piece Olive Wood Life's Little Pleasures Kitchen Utensil Set (Honey Dipper / Jam Spoon / Slotted Olive Spoon) — Created in France

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When preparing to savor some of Life's tasty little pleasures, there is a special feeling you get when you are use just the right utensil that not only does its job very well, but also feels good to hold, is beautiful and unique, and you know will last for years.

That is why we put together what we are calling Life's Little Pleasures Kitchen Utensil Set, which is comprised of three of Berard's handcrafted olive wood utensils: a honey dipper, a jam/condiment spoon and a slotted olive spoon. 

The Honey Dipper

Handcrafted out of a single piece of olive wood, this Berard Honey Dipper will let you easily drizzle honey without a mess, and its long handle with help keep your hands clean, even when trying to get the last bit out of a honey jar.

Use this dipper to drizzle honey on cheese, desserts, or even bread! The dipper is hand made from olive Wood, which provides rich and unique coloring from the beautiful and intriguing grain of the wood, which makes each piece unique. Olive wood is very dense, and it resists odors and stains better than other types of wood.

Size: 6 inches long

Origin: France

Berard Jam/ Condiment Spoon

The Berard Jam Spoon is prefect for serving jams and any of your favorite types of spreads. You can use this spoon to scoop jams, pestos, tapenades and even mustards. Because this spoon is hand made, it has a unique design because of the single piece of olive wood from which it is carved. 

Size: 6 inches

Origin: France

Berard Curved and Slotted Olive Spoon

Serving olives or pickles can be a little less messy when you use this Berard Curved Olive Spoon. The spoon's slots allow for the olive or pickle juices to drain back into the jar or container.

You can also use this spoon to serve anything that needs a little extra help draining. It is also made by hand and carved from a single piece of olive wood, which makes each one unique. 

Size: 8 inches

Origin: France

How to Care for Your Set of Berard Olive Wood Utensils

For the best results in maintaining the beauty of these products, Berard suggests simply hand washing and rinsing the pieces in warm water. Do not put in the dishwasher. Do not soak. Do not use strong detergents. Leave to air dry in a vertical position.

To prevent the wood from drying, occasionally wipe each utensil with some vegetable oil, beeswax or food-safe mineral oil. Following these suggestions will help keep your Berard Olive Wood Life's Little Pleasure Kitchen Utensil Set in good condition for many years to come. 


Berard France has been handcrafting kitchen utensils, serveware, and other decorative wood products from olive and other fine woods since 1892.

The company, which is located in the mountains of Royans, France, is devoted to environmental sustainability. It uses 100% of the woods they source. 

Building on years of craftsmanship, Berard utilizes the branches of olive trees to create their products, allowing the trees to grow and thrive for centuries to come.

Master artisans use traditional methods and shapes, but also add inventive shapes and materials. Each Berard piece will vary with natural imperfections and differences that are characteristic of handcrafted wood products.