BERARD Olive Wood Salt Keeper with Swivel Lid — Provence, France

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This beautiful salt cellar is functional art, individually carved by the skilled artisans of Berard of France who have been handcrafting individual pieces of kitchen tools and utensils from single, solid chunks of olive wood and other select woods for more than 120 years. 

Carved from a single piece of the finest olive wood, this handcrafted salt keeper offers original beauty (no two are identical) and graceful curves for an elegant addition to any kitchen counter or table.

The salt keeper's rounded interior holds up to a half-pound of cooking salt at a time, while its swiveling magnetic lid, with its stainless-steel hinge, swings open easily with one hand and can be pushed closed with just a tap of a finger — a nice feature when in the middle of cooking.

Store any kind of salt, fresh herbs or spices inside the keeper. The more you use it, the more you will fall in love with it.  

The use of wood not only brings the beauty of nature indoors, but it has also been found to be more hygienic than plastic. It has a satin finish that protects the olive wood from damage. Olive wood is very dense, it resists odors and stains better than other types of wood.

The blend of beeswax and mineral oil that is rubbed into the finished product helps protect the wood and gives the salt keeper a lovely satin finish.

The company's deep respect for the environment and commitment to responsible wood sourcing is abundantly evident in their green practices, so the piece can be enjoyed for years to come and with peace of mind.

All raw materials are procured from sustainably managed, FSC certified forests, which only adds to the beauty of the finished product. The wood is harvested from older trees that are no longer fruit-bearing, thus creating functional art from trees that would have otherwise been destroyed. 100% of the wood is used in the manufacturing process.

It's not surprising then that Berard is the number one choice for those looking for long-lasting wooden kitchen items that combine beauty, functionality and sustainability in ample measure. 


Materials: Olive wood

Size: 4 inches in diameter and height, 

Rating: ★★★★1/2 

Origin: France

Care: For the best results in maintaining the beauty of the salt keeper for many years, Berard suggests that you simply hand wash this olive wood salt box only as needed. Hand wash and rinse the piece in warm water and leave to dry in a vertical position. Do not put in the dishwasher. Do not use strong detergents and do not soak. To prevent the wood from drying, occasionally apply a light coating of some vegetable oil, food safe mineral oil or beeswax.


Berard is located in the Royans Mountains along the northern edge of Provence in France. Because the company has been making wood items for more than a century, its artisans truly understand the various woods and how to best create wonderful and useful articles from this warm and beautiful material. Its products may have irregular graining, veining or knots. Each piece is hand crafted based on the characteristics of the wood it is to be made from. 

Handcrafted in France, using traditional methods, each piece is skillfully made by artisans who are adept at working with wood. The unique nature of the wood means that no two pieces are alike and dimensions will vary from piece to piece. The little imperfections in the wood are characteristic of the hand crafted nature of each piece.

The high quality of Berard products are the result of century of know-how. Year after year, Berard has been synonymous with quality, authenticity and reliability.
All of our olivewood items come from agricultural orchards and each tree is cut with respect to the laws that protect each country and the use of olive wood.

Wood is a natural resource which is crucial to the balance of life on our planet. Using it as a raw material means respecting it from its origins — the forest or orchard — all the way through to recycling.

On these issues, Berard's position is one of clarity and integrity: only species from forests and orchards which are managed in a sustainable manner are used. Respect of origin, strict management of quantities and careful selection of species are long-standing values at Berard.