Once you have used one of these simple, yet amazing whisks, you will never go back to messy wooden spoons or hard-to-clean wire whisks. It's unique design makes mixing dough or heavy batters before kneading so much easier and faster. Really!

Consider it to be the go-to hand mixer for all of your baking needs!

While it often referred to as a Danish Dough Whisk, ours are made in Poland of professional grade stainless steel for the head and it has a sturdy, well-made birch wood handle. This Large size is 14" inches long.

(See the smaller 11.5" inch whisk here - both come in handy for all of your baking needs.)

The Danish Dough Whisk is great for making a variety of doughs, including bread, sourdough loaves, pie, pizza, pastry and pasta and more.

The way the dough moves through the open-design head blends ingredients thoroughly, gently and in less time. And, it is so much quicker and easier to clean than a wire whisk.

Definitely a baker's best friend!


Length: 14" inches long

Materials: Head is professional grade stainless steel, and handle is sturdy birch wood

Care: Hand wash only. Occasionally rub a little food grade mineral oil on handle.


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