Heat Pillow Filled With Australian Lavender and Barley in Dusk Meadow — By Tonic Australia

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The modern heating pad — oh so soothing, stress-reducing, perfect to travel with and pretty!

The TONIC Australia Heat Pillow in Dusk Meadow is filled with lavender and barley locally sourced in Australia, and works wonders to help relieve soreness, tension and stress.

The TONIC Heat Pillow is covered with a high quality, 100 cotton% material front and back in the nature-inspired Dusk Meadow pattern. And it is filled with fragrant, soothing lavender and barley seed. You just heat it in a microwave (instructions included), and then place it on spot that needs some warm, soothing TLC.

TONIC Australia is proudly 100% Australian owned, its products are not tested on animals, and each item is made with the highest quality, locally sourced materials and ingredients.

That, along with its functionality and effectiveness, is why we think this soothing, pretty Heat Pillow is so ahhhhhh-some and, and we think you will, too! And it pairs so perfectly with the Tonic Australia Eye Pillow.


Outside materials: 100% cotton front and back

Inside materials: Australian locally sourced lavender and barely

Dimensions: 16" inches L X 6" inches W X 1" H

Weight: 28 ounces

Use/Care instructions Included 

Origin: 100% Australian made


Toni Joel and Nikki Horowitz are two friends, two creative minds, two women impassioned to create beautiful, thoughtful and innovative products for people across the world that could nurture and provide a sense of wellness. And, that is how TONIC Australia was born. (TONIC is a combination of the two women's names.)

Creating items that nurture is a priority, and TONIC Australia's entrepreneurial founders also put a strong emphasis on family, creativity and morality. They operate their business based around those values. 

Toni and Nikki associate TONIC Australia's longevity and ongoing success to their determination to be true to their initial vision: For TONIC to offer luxurious, unique and quality Australian-made products that can provide nurturing, practicality and beauty.