Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area - Newly Updated, Expanded and Even More Awesome 8th Edition! - By the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club

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There is a reason New Mexico is called The Land of Enchantment and Santa Fe is referred to as The City Different. The state is a natural wonderland, especially the northern region where Santa Fe —and the surrounding area — has mesmerized explorers, travelers and artists for more than 400 years. 

There is just so much to see — your eyes struggle to take in the often-stunning panorama of jaw-dropping beauty. And of course you want to be out in it, up close. Hiking, climbing and discovering breath-stealing views or Nature's intricate designs for the first time, or all over again.

But with so much, where does one start??

Well, give the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club many kudos — again —  for publishing its incredible Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area!

This newly published (July 2016), indispensable, 406-page guide (91 more information-and-graphics-packed pages than the previous edition!) is in its eighth edition. The tremendous passion and commitment of the good folks at the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club continues to grow, as you will see with this updated gem!

Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area is considered to be the authoritative trail guide for Northern New Mexico. One of Santa Fe’s most popular locally oriented and published books, the meticulously detailed and researched Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area has sold more than 50,000 copies.

The guide features more than 50 destinations, many of which offer multiple hiking options, as well as new and reconfigured hikes. Every hike has been recently reviewed, re-hiked and checked for accuracy, and it also takes into account fires and flash floods from recent years. 

The book also contains detailed maps of every hiking area, as well as dozens of photographs and detailed GPS data. In addition, this truly essential and trusted hiking companion contains safety tips, a resource guide and much more.

Emerging and experienced hikers alike will appreciate the well-organized summary of round-trip distance, hike time, elevation range, difficulty rating, driving distance, map choices, seasonal suitability and land management status that precedes each hike.

Best of all, every hike description in this book is written by an experienced local hiker - someone who knows the hike best!

Proceeds from the sale of Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area are used by the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club to support a number of very important environmental campaigns in and near the Santa Fe area. And, that is why we at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff are donating 100% of the purchase price of the guide to this committed, respected and results-getting group!

If you are planning a first-time trip to the Santa Fe area and want to begin to explore Mother Nature's abundance up close, Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area definitely is a must-have guide.

Or, if you are returning for the umpteenth time, you will want to consult this very impressive compendium to help you discover something you haven't seen or experienced before, or use it to help you see it again for the first time!

Click right here to listen to Santa Fe Radio Café host Mary-Charlotte Domandi conduct a great interview with representatives from the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club about all of the care and effort that went into publishing this new, eighth edition of Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area. (Often referred to as the Santa Fe version of "Fresh Air", make sure to bookmark her site and come back to listen to more of Mary-Charlotte's very informative and enlightening interviews.)


  • Condition: New. Paperback.
  • Edition: NEW 8th Edition - Published July 9, 2016
  • Publisher: The Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-692-69753-5
  • Pages:406
  • Rating:★★★★★ (See FAQs)