We are sending every well wish possible to you and yours. We also are sending every well wish and prayer possible to all of the amazing people working on the frontlines in so many ways 24/7 for the benefit of everyone. Such selflessness, courage, determination and commitment from so many people in so many positions we have rarely seen. We ALL have to find some way to help each other in some way, every day. Yes, we are open, and your ongoing support has been amazing and appreciated. We are humbled and grateful. We are following all guidelines and keeping all safe. Thank you again, Be well and Onward!


$25.00 USD

This bracelet is priceless.

You see, it represents and makes possible jobs, food on the table, healthy children and confident adults in the country of Namibia in southern Africa. 

And, it represent a vision one woman had almost 20 years ago to help those in a small, rural village that has grown and blossomed beautifully on every front and is known globally as OMBA Arts Trust

First, about the Grey 2-Row Skoonheid Ostrich Egg Shell Beaded Bracelet — the round discs are made from ostrich egg shell and are hand crafted with cream-colored beads with just enough soft lustre to take it easily from day to night. It has a nice weight to it and feels so nice on! The bracelet was made by Bushmen living on resettlement farms in eastern and northern Namibia.

This unique bracelet is rooted in traditional culture with an eye-catching, modern contemporary twist — as well as a priceless story and mission. Wear it proudly!


Handcrafted in: Namibia by Bushmen

Materials: Ostrich egg shell and black beads

Size: 7" inches long and 1" inch wide 

Karin Le Roux OMBA Arts Trust


OMBA Arts Trust's roots go back to 1991 when founder Karin le Roux developed a range of textiles with a group of unemployed women in a small rural village in the south of Namibia.

From those humble beginnings, OMBA has grown in the largest operation in the country marketing Namibian craft exclusively. OMBA partners with more than  600 artisans in nine regions, and it markets several ranges of unique Namibian handmade craft. It also is a registered member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

OMBA's mission is to support the sustainable livelihoods of marginalised communities through craft development and marketing. Its people develop and test production and supply systems through training in remote villages, under trees, in church halls – wherever some shelter can be found.

OMBA is passionate about the people it works with. In Namibia, a country with over 50% unemployment, its work offers women, in particular (who are largely illiterate) a chance to earn an income. The organization trains them in craft and business, and provides information on healthcare and HIV, nutrition, and women’s rights.

OMBA Arts Trust truly is changing the lives of people, one crafter at a time.