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ORIGINAL ART — Monarch Butterfly Limited Edition, Signed, Hand-Pulled Screen Print - By Jeremy Payne

$35.00 USD

Butterflies rock because they are so beautiful and so beneficial to vibrant gardens, whether in your backyard, on your balcony on in your community!

We also are big fans of Austin illustrator/graphic designer Jeremy Payne's bold, textured and modern work. So, we think the combination of Jeremy's talent and the Monarch Butterfly's natural beauty for this small edition limited print is a very special one!

Also, we think this bold print serves as a tribute to the graceful Monarch, whose population has dropped precipitously in the past decades. In addition to habitat destruction and severe weather, the Monarch butterfly is struggling with the loss of its primary larval food, the milkweed plant, which has been wiped out by the excessive spraying of herbicides like Monsanto’s incredibly destructive toxin, Roundup. (Just stop using it and keep anyone you care about from doing the same!)

After you've found a favorite spot for this statement-making print, head out to your local, organic garden shop to get some unsprayed milkweed — the Monarchs' favorite meal! Then you can enjoy Monarch butterflies inside and out, all year long!

To the left, you can see the full collection of Jeremy's prints that we have, including two more beautiful butterflies! You can get more information and see all of his original work — and that of other artists — by cyber-strolling over to our Art & Photography Collection.


  • Artist: Jeremy Payne
  • Condition: New, signed and numbered, limited edition, 2-color hand-pulled screen print of original ink and paper illustration
  • Dimensions: 12.5" inches W  X 19" inches H
  • Colors: 2
  • Paper: French, Speckletone, Madero Beach
  • Signed by Artist: Yes
  • Edition Size: 20 - SOLD OUT - Last one!
  • Numbered Edition: 14 of 20
  • Origin: Austin, TX