Organic Sicilian Oregano — From Gangi Dante

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This incredibly pungent oregano comes from Petralia Sottana on the island of Sicily. Left on the branch to dry, the oregano is intense and wonderfully woodsy.

If you've tried the world's other oreganos, from Greek to Mexican, you will surely enjoy the flavor of this authentic, organic Sicilian oregano. Not as musty as Mexican and less acrid than Greek oregano, in the words of the producer, Gangi Dante, its "aromas will perfume you of the Mediterranean."

Use for seasoning pizzas, tomato sauces, sautéed vegetables, salads, braised dishes and more. Once you taste it, you will be looking for things on which it can be used. 
There is a lot of oregano in this package! I love using it in my homemade tomato sauce and over marinated vegetables and salads. It is definitely a milder, but no less flavorful, taste than the other types of oregano.
We love this oregano and I'm back to order more. I simply snipped the top of the cellophane package it came in & then turn it upside down to shake the oregano onto food. We don't eat many Italian dishes due to food allergies, but use this oregano on everything - salads, sandwiches, veges, even toasted bagels! It has a great flavor that makes me love oregano, whereas before I got this oregano, I didn't use it so much.

This Sicilian Oregano is a great addion to most Italian dishes. It is very fragrant and has a pungent flavor. I use it where ever oregano is called for. I have recently used it in a chili recipe. It was a great addition.

If you are like me, you find dried herbs about as appealing as the stuff they serve up under the Golden Arches. This dried herb is a revelation. It certainly isn't anything like fresh oregano - we have scads of that growing in our garden and it is definitely wonderful stuff. Dried Sicilian oregano is another bird entirely - more intense, more earthy, less vegetal. It's oregano in the basso profundo register, deep pedal point. Rub a pinch of it between your palms and you'll see what I mean. Crush it in your fingers and sprinkle over a pizza just out of the oven, or atop a frittata, or in place of fresh basil on a plate of thickly sliced tomatoes with olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Really intense and really goo

Rosie on Aug 11, 2013
This oregano is beyond good. Use this in a homemade marinara-you won't believe what a dance this oregano does with garlic and tomatoes. The way the basil and tomatoes dance together-this oregano makes the tomatoes dance with the garlic as well as with the basil.

Gangi Dante
25 grams