Places - MoMA Art Basics for Kids

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Places is one in a series of MoMA Art Basics for Kids books that introduces young readers and their parents to six visual building blocks--Lines, Shapes, Colors, People, Places and Stories — via an assortment of the great masterpieces of twentieth century art. Places isolates the elements of place to show how they are used by artists an how they help to convey  the meaning in art.

Author Philip Yenawine (see About the Author below) has created an "ABC of art" whereby both parents and teachers can play a key role in the learning process by asking questions like, "Can you find buildings? And roofs?" while looking at a Picasso study. By looking at 'places' and discussing what ideas and feelings they suggest, adults encourage children to develop creative thinking skills. Places includes 21 artworks by artists such as Hopper, Munch, Klimt, and Bonnard.

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  • Condition: New in New dust jacket. Glued binding. Paper over boards
  • Edition: Third Edition - Published May 1, 2006
  • Publisher: The Museum of Modern Art / New York
  • Age range: 4 and up
  • ISBN-13: 978-0870701733
  • ISBN-10: 0870701738
  • Pages: 24
  • Rating:★★★★★ (see FAQ)
  • Philip Yenawine, the longtime Director of Education at The Museum of Modern Art, is currently co-director of Visual Understanding in Education, a developmentally based education research organization.