Studio Carta Letter Opener / Ruler Plated with 24 karat gold — HANDCRAFTED BY ARTISANS IN ITALY

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Angela Liguori, founder and creative director of Brooklyn's Studio Carta, is dedicated to bringing back timeless design, top quality craftsmanship, functionality, beauty, and well, special — something we need more of today. 

She discovers and brings back functional elegance and style, as she partners with Italian artisans to craft want-to-have, want-to-use daily, want-to-display and want-to-keep desk accessories made with the same high quality materials and precise practices that have been used since the 19th century.  

This Studio Carta Letter Opener/Ruler is a perfect example. You want to get physical, real mail just so you can use it. And, it also doubles as a very handy ruler with U.S. imperial measurement system. 

This chic and practical Letter Opener/Ruler is crafted in Italy from hard-tempered steel, and it features a refined gold-plated handle and engraved Imperial measurements . A thin layer of 24 karat gold is applied to the opener to give it a beautiful, eye-catching gold finish. 

As a ruler, it is 7 1/2" inches long, and it is etched with the Studio Carta logo. 

The Studio Carta Letter Opener/Ruler is special, and it makes a great gift for others, or yourself!


Materials: Hard-tempered steel, 24-karat-gold plate

Size: 7 1/2 inches

Origin: Made in Italy