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When it comes to the goods we offer here at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff, we are a very picky bunch. Our Core Values (condensed version = Good for People + Planet) guide the time-consuming search for and vetting of the discoveries we select to put on our shelves. We end up saying "No" more than we say "Yes!"

The passion and determination to improve her family's health naturally that drove Stephanie Rickebaker to start Sweet's Elderberry, and the deep, unwavering commitment to mission, quality, purity, people and planet that have guided how she has grown her business, definitely checked all of our boxes!

Sweet's Elderberry is committed to bringing you and your family the health benefits of organic elderberries with honesty, purity, and exceptional taste. It focuses on creating products that offer pure and potent immune support with clean ingredient lists that are short, sweet and 100% pronounceable.

It is no surprise that Sweet's is a member of the Good Food Guild, and it was selected from among entries across the United States to be a winner of the prestigious 2022 Good Food Award in 2022 and 2023.

So, you can see why we are very pleased to offer a selection of goods from Sweet's Elderberry!

Everything you need to make your own organic elderberry syrup right at home!

Each of the economical and versatile Sweet's Do-It-Yourself Kits has dried, organic European elderberries and Sweet's signature organic spice blend of cinnamon, clove and ginger.

To make your own organic elderberry syrup, simply simmer the contents of the DIY pouch in filtered water according to package directions. Allow the syrup to cool, then add the sweetener of your choice to create up to 32 ounces of syrup.

Easy-to-follow instructions are included with each kit.

Make Note: The Sweet's DIY Kit should be stored in a dry place. Finished elderberry syrup made with the kit must be refrigerated and consumed within 3 months, or it can be frozen for longer storage.


INGREDIENTS: Sweet's DIY KIT  is made with dried organic European elderberries and Sweet's signature organic spice blend.

One Sweet's Elderberry DIY Kit can make up to 32-ounces of syrup.

Questions & Answers About The Sweet's Organic DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit

How Do I Use Alternative Sweeteners?

The instruction card on Sweet's DIY Kits indicates that you should add up to 1-1/4 cup of honey or fruit nectar to your cooled syrup. But, honey may not be the right choice for some, including infants.

Some alternative sweeteners measure cup-for-cup like sugar, so follow the amount printed on the card. Others tend to be even sweeter than sugar, so you'll use less.

If you're looking for a helpful conversion chart for a range of alternative sweeteners, try this one from

Is Sweet's Syrup Safe For Me?

If you add unpasteurized honey to the syrup you make with your Sweet's DIY kit, the honey can be risky for certain individuals. Please consult your doctor before consuming Sweet's syrup with honey if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a specific condition such as auto-immune disease.

If you'd like a syrup without honey, sweeten to your liking with agave, erythritol, Stevia or alternative sweetener of your choice, including also fruit juices or nectar.

At What Age Can I Start Giving My Little One Sweet's Syrup?

Children over one year of age can safely consume unpasteurized honey. Please confirm the use of Swee'ts syrup with honey with your pediatrician.

If you'd like the syrup without honey, sweeten to taste with fruit juices or nectar. Many little ones like unsweetened syrup stirred into fruit puree or applesauce.

How Do I Store My Finished Syrup?

The Sweet's DIY Kit should be stored in a dry place. Finished elderberry syrup made with the kit must be refrigerated and consumed within 3 months, or it can be frozen for longer storage.

You may store syrup in the fridge or freezer in a clean jar, bottle, or container with a lid. If freezing syrup, leave at least 1” of headspace in the container when adding syrup. Allow the syrup to freeze completely before adding the lid. Consume unfrozen/thawed syrup within 2-3 months, and always keep refrigerated.

How Long Will Sweet's Syrup Last?

Syrup made with the Sweet's DIY Kit  MUST be refrigerated. 
Once a bottle is opened, we recommend consuming within 3-4 weeks. Unopened bottles stored in the fridge are good for 2-3 months from the date it is made. Freeze syrup in ice cube trays for longer-term storage.



While other makers produce many kinds of supplements, Sweet's focuses solely on the powerhouse ingredient it knows best. Elderberry is the star that is front and center in each of its products 


There are no fillers, additives or preservatives, ever.

Each ingredient is carefully sourced from known and trusted farmers and suppliers. Sweet's wants only the best of its customers.

Sweet’s products are made in a supplement-level, FDA-approved commercial kitchen in North Carolina.

Every item is carefully inspected, expertly handcrafted, and lovingly packaged by its team.


Founded by Stephanie Rickenbaker and named after her daughter Sweet, the company is predominantly female-led.


Sweet's Elderberry gives back to at least six organizations in its North Carolina community. 

Also, Sweet's sources organic, sustainably farmed ingredients whenever possible. It also uses sustainable, reusable packaging as much as possible, and it works with a partner in its community to compost appropriate materials from its production facility. 


Sweet's Elderberry

When a loved one was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Stephanie Rickenbaker got very serious about clean living. She reduced her family’s exposure to toxins and learned about boosting health through nutrition.

During this journey, Stephanie developed an organic elderberry syrup. Her daughter — nicknamed “Sweet — loved the syrup so much that Stephanie named it after her.

It was not long before, Stephanie's elderberry syrup went from a single product being created in her home kitchen and sold among friends and at farmers markets, etc., to becoming Sweet's Elderberry with a range of delicious and organic products handcrafted with much love and care in an FDA-approved, supplement-level  commercial kitchen in North Carolina and offered to many customers across the United States.  

Sweet's Elderberry is a member of the Good Food Guild, and it was a 2023 and 2022 winner of the prestigious 2022 Good Food Awards. Sweet's also  has received other major accolades and respected awards since it began, and again, we are very happy to have them here at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff!.