The Bread Baker's Notebook

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So much better than trying to keep track of notes scribbled on many pieces of paper! 

Baking bread provides us with comfort, stress relief, pleasure, and sustenance, but it's also complicated!

Keeping consistent track of the details like yeast percentage and rising time can be a pain, unless you have The Bread Baker's Notebook, the first journal designed specifically for recording and refining your bread baking journey.

While The Bread Baker's Notebook is geared toward beginners, it is sophisticated enough for the experienced baker. This attractive journal is for sourdough enthusiasts, kneaders and no-kneaders, and anyone committed to yeast.

Now you can make note of every detail of every loaf you bake, from starter behavior, flour ratio, and oven temperatures to the tasty results, with observations on crust, chew, texture, and taste.

The Bread Baker's Notebook has pages to record notes about the starter, rising times, baking times, various grains and mixtures used, the holes, the taste, the crust, the chew, everything about what's working and what's not, so you can build toward the perfect loaf, every time.

It also includes content on knead vs. no knead breads, information about the types of flour, starters vs. yeast, proofing basics and measurement conversions. Helpful tips on ingredients and process are provided throughout.

The Bread Baker's Notebook helps document, inform and tweak one's baking journey, and it makes a wonderful gift for a beginner, expert and everyone in between.


FORMAT: New, hardcover

PUBLISHED: June 29, 2021

PUBLISHER: Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN: 9781648960055

PAGES: 160

DIMENSIONS: 7.4" H x 6.1"W x .7" T