World Travel: An Irreverent Guide — By Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever

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“[R]ead cover to cover, country by country, it is an enduring embodiment of Anthony Bourdain’s love for the whole world and a reminder of how to stack our priorities the next time we’re able to follow in his footsteps.”

— The New York Times

"Missing Travel? This 'Irreverent Guide' Visits Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Places" 

— Neda Ulaby, Morning Edition, NPR

"One can get a little wistful, and even misty-eyed, reading this spin around the globe by Bourdain. It's all of his favorite places which, on its own, is pretty amazing because he has been everywhere. One can easily pick up and put down this book for the armchair travel delight it possesses. It's not a be-all, end-all travel book but it's all Bourdain, and you can hear his voice and excitement throughout."

World Travel: An Irreverent Guide is the definitive Bourdain guide.

Anthony Bourdain saw more of the world than nearly anyone. His travels took him from the hidden pockets of his hometown of New York to a tribal longhouse in Borneo, from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Paris, and Shanghai to Tanzania’s utter beauty and the stunning desert solitude of Oman’s Empty Quarter—and many places beyond.

The plans for this book were underway at the time of Anthony Bourdain's death, and the manuscript was put together by his longtime lieutenant and cowriter Laurie Woolever.

Laurie has sifted through the entire body of Bourdain's work to compile his fun and frank opinions on places around the world, in his own voice, while also supplementing those materials with helpful travel information and further context. The result is a special project that captures the essence of how Bourdain traveled.

In World Travel, a life of experience is collected into an entertaining, practical, fun, and frank travel guide that gives readers an introduction to some of his favorite places — in his own words.

Featuring essential advice on how to get there, what to eat, where to stay, and, in some cases, what to avoid, World Travel provides essential context that will help readers further appreciate the reasons why Bourdain found a place enchanting and memorable.

This book features exclusive essays from friends, family, and colleagues 

Supplementing Bourdain’s words are a handful of essays by friends, colleagues, and family that tell even deeper stories about a place, in which they share meaningful personal memories of working and traveling alongside Bourdain.

Essay contributors include Jen Agg (“On the Origins of the Bone Luge”); Matt Walsh (“Essential Shanghai Dishes”); Bill Buford (“On Lyon”); Christopher Bourdain (“A Child’s View of Paris (1966),” “Revisiting New Jersey with Tony,” “Uruguay Dreamin’”); Claude Tayag (“Busting the Sisig Myth”); Nari Kye (“Becoming Who I Am”); Vidya Balachander (“A Bit More About Food in Colombo and Jaffna”); and Steve Albini (“Where I’d Take Tony, If He Were Still Here”).

The book also has 101 beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations by artist Wesley Allsbrook throughout. And, at 6 inches x 9 inches, it makes for a practical take-along travel guide

For armchair enthusiasts to veteran travelers and all those in between, World Travel : An Irreverent Guide lets readers experience the world like Anthony Bourdain.


Format: New, hardcover

Published: April 20, 2021

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

ISBN: 9780062802798

Pages: 480, 101 hand-drawn illustrations

Dimensions: 9 inches  H x 6 inches W x 1.5 inches 

Rating: ★★★★1/2 (See Contact Us / FAQs for more information)


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Anthony Bourdain was the author of the novels including Bone in the Throat and Gone Bamboo, A Cook’s Tour, and the New York Times best-sellers Kitchen Confidential, Medium Raw, and Appetites. His work appeared in the New York Times and the New Yorker. He was the host of the popular television shows "No Reservations" and "Parts Unknown". Bourdain died in June 2018.

Laurie Woolever is a writer and editor, and spent nearly a decade assisting Anthony Bourdain, with whom she co-authored the cookbook Appetites in 2016. She’s written about food and travel for the New York Times, GQ, Food & Wine, Lucky Peach, Saveur, Dissent, Roads & Kingdoms, and others. She also has worked as an editor at Art Culinaire and Wine Spectator.