Wrapped up in gratitude and winter!

by Kim Young January 08, 2014

How is your post-holiday re-entry going?

We at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff are still spinning a bit, and we want to thank you so very much for such a warm welcome!

Here are a few of the great reviews we received from our first customers: (we are incredibly honored and appreciative!)

NEW YORK CITY - Manhattan Unfurled - Matteo Pericoli 

Terri O."This book is a gem and a classic, entirely addictive for a visual design professional. He raved about the wrapping so much I could hardly get him to open the package, but when he did he was very touched. The entire process from shopping on the site to communicating with Kim was a rare delight. She even shot photos of the wrapping paper selections and let me choose. That is amazing craft and service! Bravo, to pretty things and VERY cool stuff!"
5 stars
Paula A."All the items I bought for Christmas gifts were exceptionally special to all my loved ones.......one of my favorites was "Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby - Craig Varjabedian" which I gave to my brother-in-law........who wears Wranglers and is not an avid reader! I saw my favorite cowboy sitting quietly by the fireplace carefully absorbing each of the beautiful pages. Very fulfilling moment for me. Keep finding pretty things and cool stuff!!!"
5 stars
Jill S."This necklace is just as beautiful in person, and the service was seamless. Even the packaging was lovely! Thank you for a very professional but personal experience."
5 stars
VINTAGE - Carved Ship Bone Bead Vintage Necklace 
Jackie B."I am so glad I got this. It turned out to be the favorite piece of many beautiful necklaces."
5 stars
HANDCRAFTED - Aqua Blue Green Chalcedony and Amber Glass Bead Necklace
Jackie B."It was very pretty and dainty. It goes with a ton of my outfits too."
5 stars

These reviews reflect what Pretty Things & Cool Stuff is all about — helping folks discover special things that resonate personally and bring enjoyment, edification and DELIGHT!

We are at work right now trying to make sure we do just that in this new year.

And we want to start by celebrating winter! Yes, celebrate winter.  I love winter, and it always seems to get lost in the holiday craze.

After the holiday season — which I also love! — it's so nice to come off the frenzied, daze-inducing pace, make time to reflect, contemplate, observe, learn, plan, re-organize and, in the process, renew and start a new chapter in your life! 

I'm not a big fan of really cold weather, but I love snow — it's so magical! — and I love great chocolate served hot. And tea, to sip and savor. While I am a wanna-be geekette and a confirmed gadget gal, winter is absolutely the best for curling up with a good book— a real one — that I can hold in my hands, turn the pages and close with a sense of accomplishment after I've read the last page, without having to be connected, wired or charged up.

And there there is winter's beauty. Yes, I said beauty — and Pretty Things & Cool Stuff is located in North Central Texas, not exactly a top-of-mind location for such. But if you look, really look, you will see what I am talking about. It's like the difference between beautiful black-and-white photography and color photography. The color distracts you from the fine details. In winter, without the distraction of color that the other seasons bring, you can see so much in Nature that you miss otherwise. And, you can watch the evolution of new life as the days grow longer.  

Of course, one can't forget Valentine's Day! It always takes me back to handmade Valentines and picking out the perfect one to secretly drop on that special someone's desk. What is it about Valentine's Day that makes it feel so light-hearted and different from other days that involve gifts, cards, and sharing our feelings with those we love — or those we would love to love?!   ;  )

Stay tuned and check back often as we add new discoveries and endeavor to help you celebrate and enjoy a new year and new chapter, as well as make the time to discover the delights that winter brings!

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