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The "oracle" of all Biscotti. The. Real. Thing. 

Since 1858, Antonio Mattei has been producing Italian sweets in Prato, Tuscany. 

Antonio Mattei's classic biscotti are considered throughout Tuscany and Italy as the standard-bearer of all Biscotti, the one every Tuscan family will stock in their pantry. The size, texture and taste are what every Italian considers the real thing, and that which all other producers try to copy and imitate.

A delicious, traditional Tuscan treat. Mostly hand made since 1858 in the same bakery in the heart of the city of Prato. The shop, still in its original location on via Ricasoli, is worth a gastronomic pilgrimage for cookie lovers. (See video above!)

The ingredients used in these Antonio Mattei Biscotti di Prato with Almonds are simple and fresh — whole, farm fresh eggs — which impart that golden yellow color — flour, almonds, pine nuts and sugar — but the flavor is far more than the sum of its parts.

Biscotti means "twice-baked" — Bis: twice, Cotti: cooked or baked. The dough is formed into logs for the first baking. When the cookies have cooled, they're cut into their traditional shape and baked again, crisping them to perfection.

The double-baking process gives these cookies a long shelf life, but it's made longer by the special bag that Francesco Pandolfini had designed expressly for his biscotti. The bag is double-lined...foil and plastic, to ensure the cookies don't get stale and arrive to you in perfect condition.

Packed in those traditional blue paper bags tied in the traditional string for more than 100 years, the blue Antonio Mattei package is a permanent fixture on all Tuscan and Italian specialty food shops and fine restaurants

Traditionally served at the end of the meal with a glass sweet Tuscan Vin Santo, many of the local people argue whether is correct to dip the biscotto in the wine or not. You decide.

Serve them along with panna cotta or with sliced fresh strawberries and aged balsamic vinegar. Use them coarsely ground as topping for gelato or sorbet. They make a perfect companion for afternoon tea or a cup of coffee or espresso. You also can enjoy them alone, one delicious biscotti at a time.

If you can make it to Prato, Italy, on Via Ricasoli, you'll find the quaint little shop of Antonio Mattei (see the video above!). They pack the signature blue bags into adorable hat boxes.

Pick up some of the biscotti and stroll over to enjoy a cappucino and see the stunning Castello Dell'imperatore.

But, on the chance you cannot squeeze in a trip to Italy, we're happy to bring this delicious and authentic treat straight to your doorstep!


Ingredients: Eggs, almonds, flour, pine nuts, sugar

Artisan Producer: Biscottifico Antonio Mattei

Size: 250 grams

Origin: Prato, Tuscany, Italy 


Since 1858, Antonio Mattei has been producing Italian biscotti and confections in the historical bakery and shop located on Via Ricasoli, in the heart of the old city of Prato, Tuscany. The bakery has been run by the Pandolfini family for three generations.

In 1858, Antonio Mattei opened his business, producing and selling the typical almond biscuits in the old town centre of Prato. His original recipe was awarded a prize at the Exhibitions in Florence (1861), London (1862) and France (1867), and it is still kept as a secret of the Pandolfini family, which inherited the old bakery in 1908.

In 2008, the brother and sisters Francesco, Marcella, Elisabetta and Letizia Pandolfini celebrated with the whole town the 150th anniversary of the founding of the biscuit factory.

The four siblings carry on the tradition of the Biscotti di Prato, proudly spreading their town’s image and flavor throughout Italy and the world.