Mizuba Daily Matcha Green Tea — 40 grams / 1.4 ounce Tin

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Making Matcha part of your daily self-care ritual is essential for anyone wanting a wellness-centered lifestyle. Sipping a cup of Mizuba Tea Company's Daily Matcha fresh and delicious green tea is the perfect way to start your morning or to help you get past an afternoon lull.

While making Mizuba Daily Matcha a healthy habit will help you feel vibrant, you will look forward to your next cup because you simply love its refreshing and amazing taste!

And, if you can't get enough of matcha and are looking for a green, good-for-you twist on a classic cookie, muffin, cake, ice cream, pudding, oatmeal, smoothie, salad dressing, (practically anything) recipe, infuse it with matcha with Mizuba's Organic Culinary Matcha.

Why did we select Mizuba Tea Company Matcha for Pretty Things & Cool Stuff. Well, here a few of the reasons:

  • This independent company has been focused on purveying the most excellent matcha since it began in 2013. And it only offers the teas that the good folks at Mizuba choose, drink and enjoy themselves.
  • The focus on purely being a single-ingredient, single-origin product.
  • Being non-GMO, radiation-free, preservative-and heavy-metal free absolutely pure matcha green tea
  • The dedication to sourcing from its JAS-organic-certified farm and its 100-year-old family matcha tea manufactory.
  • The commitment to the region of Uji in Japan, recognized in Japan as its the region that grows the country's highest-quality tea, and as the birthplace of Japanese green tea. 


    Ingredients: 100% pure Japanese matcha green tea

    Flavor profile: Light perfume aromatics of toasted vanilla. Creamy mouthfeel with full, milky notes of freshly churned butter. This matcha is sure to refresh!

    Mizuba Daily Matcha is exceptionally fresh, and it is sourced, shade-grown and stone-milled to order at the company's 100-year old family matcha manufactory, in Uji, Japan.

    Size: 40 grams / 1.41 ounce Tin (20-30 servings) - Refrigerate

    Mizuba Tea Company


    In the founders' own words...

    Mizuba is built on relationships
    We're not about being a business.
    We're about you, me, and the cups of tea in between.

    We're about direct-trade and transparent sourcing: personally knowing our suppliers & tea farmers. We're about being named as a recognized Uji-cha tea dealer by our farmers via the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce.

    We're about giving back to where we came from, with a portion of our profits supporting our relationships in Japan.

    We're about the ethos: Mizuba strives to uphold tradition, transparently educate with knowledge directly from our matcha producers, and also provide a deeper understanding of what matcha actually is as a finely crafted tea: how it is cultivated, produced, and enjoyed.

    We're about how the love of fine tea creates connectivity, culture, and community from source to cup. 

    About Quality

    We're about purveying the most excellent matcha possible since 2013 - only the teas we choose, drink, and enjoy ourselves.

    We're about purely being a single-ingredient, single-origin product.

    We're about non-gmo, radiation-free, preservative & heavy metal-free, absolutely pure matcha green tea.

    We're about sourcing from our JAS-organic certified farm & our 100-year old family matcha tea manufactory.

    We're about committing to the region of Uji–recognized in Japan as the highest quality tea growing region, and as the birthplace of Japanese green tea.

    Being able to share this matcha is a complete blessing and a gift, and as such, Mizuba hopes to impart just a taste of the larger, beautiful experience of Uji with you, the drinker. With every sip of Mizuba you take, you help continue to make Uji’s history as vibrant as the color of Matcha itself.