Thank Yous! all around...

by Kim Young February 12, 2015

It really does take a village.

Whether it is in our everyday lives — take the time to think about what your life would be like if others didn't do their jobs, and do them well. Really. Think about every, single thing that someone else does that touches and impacts your life. Or at work. 

And especially so when individuals work to craft and grow independent, good, socially responsible businesses. 

I got this in the mail a couple of days ago from the good ladies at Bee's Wrap. And, I was really touched! How thoughtful and kind! 

It's really been the only Thank You I have received from any of the partners I work with to bring you discoveries that we hope will delight other than the words printed on invoices or in emails after I've placed an order. 

I love what Bee's Wrap is and what it is about. (Check out its story and our selection in our PEOPLE + PLANET = ONE Collection.) And, I am very happy to partner with them as we both work to bring you items that are good investments — on a daily basis — in you, others and of our course, Our Planet.  

So to the innovative, energetic and caring ladies at Bee's Wrap, Thank YOU for being YOU!

I also want to say the same thing to Julie Thibodeaux and all of the folks at Green Source DFW. You can always count on Julie to pull together a very thoughtful roundup of sustainability oriented gifts for all occasions, and we were very excited when she included Pretty Things & Cool Stuff and featured two styles of cards — retro ones and handprinted cards from artist Katharine Watson's hand-carved original designs — in her article about Valentine's Day gifts! 

Our heartfelt thanks, Julie!

 And, I also must give a big Thank You! to Dave Mullen, editor of the Katy Trail Weekly here in Dallas. He called me a couple of weeks ago, told me that he really liked my concept/vision and what I am working to accomplish, and said he would like to do a story!  

Well, here's the front page result: (just use the scroll bar to the right of the paper and scroll down below the Cafe Momentum story, and you will find us!!!)

It really means a lot when someone on the outside recognizes what you are doing and what you are trying to do, and they want to tell others about it! 

Thank you so much, Dave, for seeing, caring and sharing!

Gosh, what a village!




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Don't you just love Spring!

by Kim Young April 10, 2014

I really do!

It's about new beginnings —and growing. And discovery  — always about discovery!

And that's what we are doing at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff!

We're taking the great input and feedback from you and using it to help guide us as we discover new goodies. We also will be listening to you as we work to craft a new service that we hope will bring delight!

If you haven't signed up for our emails yet, why don't you take just a minute to do so now while you're visiting the shop. Also, we could love to have you as part of our growing community on facebook, Pinterest, twitter and Instagram. Just scroll down to the bottom of the home page, and you will find the sign-up box for email, as well as links to all things social. 

Sybil and I also want to thank all of our customers again, and we also want to express our deep gratitude for the wonderful reviews. You can check out some of them by looking for the blue "REVIEWS" tab on the right-hand side of the shop pages. 

We also are getting some very nice kudos coming in via email that really warm our hearts:

 I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with both my purchases.....I got the bookends for my sister's birthday January 4th - and she just LOVED them too!  She is like me and appreciates the unusual and one-of-a-kind items too.   I kept the lovely necklace for myself!  They came packaged so nicely -- ribbons, card and peppermint tea -- and the personal touch was very nice too.  (I was also pleasantly surprised it arrived so quickly too, esp with the holidays so close too!)

 I wish you the best in this exciting new endeavor too!  Great items, a great site, plus great customer service and an all around really GREAT IDEA!!!   I am sure it will be a success too - I can tell you are very passionate about it all too - and that's what it takes to make a dream come true!! — Vicki W.

 I love the jewelry. Mom is very happy with the rose necklace. And I love the one I got, too. They came in perfect condition. :-) — Pam T.

AND, we are so excited about the great media coverage we have gotten!

We are especially delighted that it came from Green Source DFW  because sustainability and caring for our planet and all of the life on it is very near and dear to us. And, we also are very proud that the Lakewood / East Dallas ADVOCATE discovered us because they also are all about something that is very important to us — community!

Green Source DFW

Treats For Your Green Valentine

Lakewood / East Dallas ADVOCATE

Neighbor Opens Online Shop That Offers Pretty Things & Cool Stuff

"I can tell you are very passionate about it all too - and that's what it takes to make a dream come true!!" I started crying when I read that.

Yep. I am very passionate about Pretty Things & Cool Stuff, what it's about, what I envision about its possibilities and what it can evolve to be — with you coming along every step of the way!

So, here's to Spring — I hope you will take the time to watch and enjoy its unfolding beauty...simply stunning and truly awe-inspiring. That's why we chose the selections in our Flowers, Plants & Gardening Collection (and more are on their way!).

And here's to new beginnings and ongoing discovery. We hope you will find something inspiring in our Do Something Meaningful! Learn Something New! Collection (more to come, too!)

I think it's time to cue up a little Blossom Dearie and "They Say It's Spring". 

If you Instagram, follow us from your phone app and share how Spring is unfolding in your world. Be sure to add this tag: #theysayitsspring.

Don't you just love Spring!

(ALSO, for those of you who live in Dallas, be sure to contact us to find out more about our local delivery options!)

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