Pretty Things & Cool Stuff Garden Shop with Botanical Interests Seeds

Welcome to our Garden Shop! We are so very excited about its potential and possibilities, and we have thoughtfully and conscientiously curated sections for all ages! We have books, gifts, yummy treats and more to help you and others engage with, understand, experience, care for, enjoy and celebrate Mother Nature! 

Take time to browse the full collection, and, as with all under Pretty Things & Cool Stuff's sky-blue awning, the Garden Shop will always be a work in progress, so come back and visit often for new discoveries. We also are busy restocking, so if you see a selection that is out of stock, please let us know you are interested, and we will be happy to let you know it is back in stock. 

We can't think of a better way to open the Garden Shop than by being an affiliate partner with Botanical Interests, the highly respected, family-owned purveyor of high quality seeds and more for your garden, whether it is on a windowsill, balcony or spread across a yard.  

Since 1995, Colorado-based Botanical Interests has been supplying gardeners of all levels with the highest quality seed and the most beautiful and informative seed packets. They have been working for 25 years with much love and commitment to share the beauty, fascination and satisfaction of seed gardening, as well as helping to educate all about how to do so successfully.

Botanical Interests also invested in the rigorous testing and certification to be earn the right to declare every packet of seeds it offers is Non-GMO Project Verified. They have many organic varieties and are working to add more. 

There are a lot of reasons why we selected them as a partner for our Garden Shop, and we think you will understand why when you visit them to start or continue your seed gardening adventure. When you shop Botanical Interests with us, you will find seed varieties not available in garden centers, and you can participate in the Packet Points Program to earn free packets of seeds.

Being a Botanical Interests affiliate partner means that when you visit and shop with them through our Garden Shop, we will make a commission from each purchase. Botanical Interests will ship you your seeds and more, and we will use the commission we receive from them to invest in the Garden Shop for you!  

Just click on any of the Botanical Interests link here or above to visit them. 

For everything else in the Garden Shop, you just add items to your cart here for checkout, and we at Pretty Things & Cool Stuff will happily package your purchase and get it on its way to you. 

Let's get growing together for People + Planet!